Dawn Vault
The Chroniclers Hanneth(1), Silas(1), Victoria(2), Astrina(3), Maxim(2), and the Stalkers Krin(4), Yassen(3), and Frankon(4).

The Vault has always lived apart and kept to themselves. They were the Elder’s administrators and the Ark’s de facto managers. It is not clear what their mutations are, if any.

Brick has always been a self-absorbed, self-important, self promoting bully. He hates Vlad and the Fellowship with a particular unquenchable intensity. His feelings for the Vault are not much less.

Gunnitt tries to get along with everyone, and keeps his true self hidden. You never know if you are dealing with the facade or the man.

A fanatic, Cristor has always been passionate. He grew up as an outsider, spending large amounts of time in the library until about five years ago, when he started his current ‘classless society’ line. He actively dislikes those of the People, such as Vlad, Alex, Nitro, and Blaze, who were popular and ‘cool’ in the younger years.

Marlotte has always been intelligent, pretty, and stand-offish. Favored by the Elder, she often worked directly for him on unknown tasks. She dislikes Vlad and Alex for their habits of not being sufficiently deferential, and Blaze for spreading rumors about her when they were teens.

Mohabin is a tough, deeply focused man. He was always infatuated with the sea, and even losing a leg did not deter him. He is a true believer in his cause, and leads from the front in all risky endeavors.

The only female among the People to have the skin mutation, Oscarti was painfully shy in her younger years. She blossomed after discovering a deep and abiding love for the arts of farming and animal husbandry. She strongly dislikes Brick for his cruelty to animals, and has a friendship with Mohabin despite their opposing views on the future of the Ark. Her followers are extremely loyal, more so than any other faction or Crew. She has an ingrained apathy towards those who were popular in the younger years, and to those (like Nitro and Blaze) who are showy and vain about their appearance. She holds the Fellowship in a good regard due to their rescue of one of her people.

A winged mutant, he was one of those who blended into the background while growing up. He was a devoted reader who could often be found in the library alone.


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